Our diverse fostering community

Brighton and Hove is a vibrant, multicultural city, home to many ethnic, religious and cultural groups. We are proud of our diverse fostering community, which includes children and foster carers from a range of backgrounds.

BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic)

Brighton & Hove Fostering service is committed to ensuring that children in our care experience a stable family life in a family home where their racial, linguistic, cultural and religious needs are met. The most desirable way of achieving this is to ensure that the children are placed with foster carers who share the same race, ethnicity and language as their birth family. Where possible we try to match our young people with foster carers best suited to them and their cultural and religious needs, but as this cannot always be the case, we remain committed to achieving a placement  with a foster carer  that is capable of positively promoting the child’s identity and respecting the ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds of the children in their care

We are actively recruiting more foster carers from our BAME Communities. 

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)

Our current LGBT foster carers have helped to transform many children’s lives and we are keen to build on their success.

We are a member of New Family Social, the UK network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adoptive and foster families. New Family Social grew out of a need for LGBT adopters and foster carers to support each other, and to give children the confidence of knowing other families like theirs.

Foster carers Chris and Kieran share their experience here

Matt Rood, Mr Gay UK and founder of Pride Families, talks about his experience as a foster carer

Foster carers Simon and Rob share their experience here

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The things our carers love about fostering children from different backgrounds

“We’ve learnt about different religions, traditions and celebrations. It’s been informative and insightful to learn about different beliefs from around the world”

“Meal times are exciting and varied as we share our favourite foods and learn about foods and recipes from other countries. We’ve tasted the most amazing dishes and had so much fun”

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Training and support

We run regular support groups for carers in similar circumstances, enabling them to build peer to peer relationships. The support group for carers of Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers is held every 8 weeks.

We also proud to run multi-cultural events for our Brighton & Hove fostering families.

Our ‘Positive Hair Day’ was a huge success, open to all our foster carers and our children but tailored to give practical advice around the needs of our Black children in care focussing on hair, skin and advice on how to support a child in a trans racial placement.  Our next event is ‘A Celebration of our Multi-Cultural Heritage’ which will include an afternoon of food, activities, story telling and music as well as advice on skin and haircare.

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